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Return and refund policy


All cases of exchanges or returns of products purchased on our website or in our telesales, can only be carried out within a period of up to 7 (seven) calendar days from the delivery date. For cancellation requests whose product has not been dispatched for delivery, the cancellation deadline is up to 24 business hours.

Flamma is under no obligation to respond to requests for the exchange or return of any product after a period of 7 (seven) consecutive days or with the absence of items/accessories. For the consumer to request the opening of the return process due to defect, regret or withdrawal with Flamma, an email must be sent to with the following information:

Subject: Product return
Invoice number or order number
Date of issue
Contact name and phone
reason for return
Solution options: Cancel payment or Exchange for another similar product
Invoice for postage after approval of product exchange:

Legal Entity: The posting of any goods subject to taxation must be accompanied by the respective Return Invoice affixed to the outside of the order.
OBS.: It is only mandatory to send the Return Invoice for ICMS taxpayer customers.

Natural Person: The non-taxpaying sender, when lacking an Invoice, must complete the Declaration of Content form, which must be affixed to the outside of the package.
Flamma will have a period of 2 (two) business days to respond to the consumer's email, with all the posting guidelines. We remind you that the product must be sent to Flamma in its original packaging, with the manual and its accessories, without signs of use, without violating the original seal and accompanied by the invoice.

After analyzing the exchanges/returns sector, if your product has not been approved for not meeting the conditions described above or misuse of the product, it will be returned to the consumer.

It is important to emphasize that misuse, natural wear and tear or misuse of the product by the consumer, sometimes in disagreement with the manufacturers' standards contained in the manuals and recommendations for use, does not generate the manufacturer/supplier/dealer the duty to exchange and compensation. In this sense, the Consumer Defense Code follows the criterion of the durability of products or services, and removes the effective responsibility of the supplier for misuse or use in disagreement with the manufacturer's determinations.

Upon authorized exchange, Flamma will send the customer a new and sealed product as per the original sales order, issuing a new invoice and safeguarding the customer's warranty for the new product.

The order cancellation will be carried out after the product has been analyzed by Flamma's exchange/return department. This analysis will be carried out within 04 (four) business days, counting from the receipt of the product by Flamma. If the product meets the requirements described above, the refund of the amount paid will be returned according to the payment options made during the purchase. As follows below:

Credit Card: For operations carried out using a credit card, we will ask the card company to cancel the transaction, which may occur on the next or subsequent invoice. We remind you that the reversal time depends on the card administrator and until it is completed, your card purchase limit may be reduced.

Bank slip or Account Credit: For operations carried out using a bank slip or bank transfer, the refund of the amount paid will only occur after confirmation of payment. Reimbursement will occur through refund via bank transaction, exclusively in the buyer's current account within 5 (five) business days.

We point out that the refund of the value to the consumer will only be authorized after receipt and analysis of the product by Flamma. Therefore, if the product does not meet the conditions required in the exchange/return process, Flamma is under no obligation to cancel the sale.


In all cases involving exchanges of defective/defective products purchased on our website within a period of more than 7 (seven) calendar days from the delivery date, the consumer must contact the authorized assistance accredited by the manufacturer to receive the appropriate product warranty guidelines. Any difficulty in this contact, the consumer may send an email to reporting the situation so that we can assist in resolving the problem.

Consult HERE and see our list of authorized dealers accredited by the manufacturer.

We remind you that the product must be sent to the authorized assistance accredited by the manufacturer, if possible, in the original packaging, with the manual and its accessories, and obligatorily accompanied by the invoice.


It is important that the consumer carefully analyzes the product upon delivery. Any irregularity in the topics described below is reason for the immediate return of the product to the Carrier/Correos.

broken product
Opened or damaged packaging;
Lack of accessories;
Product not in accordance with the order;
For the consumer to report the irregularity in the act of delivering the product to Flamma, an email must be sent to with the following information:

Subject: Refusal upon delivery of the product
Invoice number
Issuance date
Contact name and phone

Flamma will have a period of 2 (two) business days to respond to the consumer's email, with all the guidelines to remedy the problem.

If you still have any questions or want more information, please contact us by phone: (41) 99531-6113 or by email




The lack of public investment and the disregard for the main Brazilian problems, such as unemployment, violence, health, education, among others, mean that private institutions initiate projects that aim to minimize serious and enormous social problems.

The “TRANSPORTANDO HAPPINESS” campaign is an initiative of the Flamma company, with the support of several companies and entities. Now with your help, you and your company will be doing a social good for the community in your state, differentiating yourself in such a competitive market and more, helping to maintain and save lives!


The objective of this campaign is to pay all Flamma contingent (Suppliers, Production, Administration and Partners) and customers, to generate financial resources for a philanthropic institution in their respective states.


Flamma will pass on a check made to the chosen institution, 1.5% of the total billed in the state UNTIL September 14, 2020.


Throughout the month of August, the company that acquires any Algemax equipment will receive a certificate, signed and recognized by the institution receiving the donation, as a participant in the campaign “TRANSPORTANDO HAPPINESS”


Mother Garcia Nursery

Responsible: Mr. Marcos Guimaraes
Contact: (31) 3296-0709
Belo Horizonte - MG

San Francisco de Assis Nursing Home

Responsible: Ms. Daniela
Phone: (34) 3212-7185
City: Uberlândia - MG

IMIP - Pernambuco Mother and Child Institute

Responsible: Prof. Fernando Figueira
Contact: (81) 2122-4100
Recife PE

Padre Cacique Humanitarian Society

Responsible: Anita
Contact: (51) 3233-7571
Porto Alegre - RS

Abdon Batista Home Children's Association

Responsible: Leandro
Contact: (47) 3422-6944
Joinville - SC

Our Lady of Aparecida Shelter House

Responsible: Fr. José Aparecido D'Souza
Contact: (11) 4449-2768
Sao Paulo-SP

Christ the Redeemer House

Responsible: Lucia Felix
Contact: (11) 2521-6222
Sao Paulo-SP

Pia - Society of Franciscan Sons of Consolation

Responsible: Fr. Eduardo Ramos
Contact: (11) 5846-0254
Sao Paulo-SP

ACAS - Serrana Sheltered Children's Association

Responsible: Ms. rose
Phone: (16) 3987-3070
Serrana - SP

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